Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2 weeks of AIT....Virginia

Hey everybody so I've been in Virginia for two weeks now and I'm loving so far! Its beautiful here and the weather is so nice. Brandon started class on Monday and if everything goes well he will be done mid September. I'm so excited and blessed to have the husband i have he wants me here in Virginia with him and i love it. he is so amazing! Looking back i cant believe basic was really 10 weeks it seemed so much longer but i know i can make it i am a strong army wife and i refuse to be anything less. well nothing exciting has happened in the last two weeks hopefully Saturday i will have more to write about because hopefully i will see Brandon!!! Well that's all for now.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Finally.....One week after graduation/4th of July

Hey everybody sorry  havent updated in a while it was quite heck-tick for a week of my life. Family day and Graduation was an amazing experience and being back in brandon's arms was a feeling like no other!! He sadly didn't get a weeekend pass like we originally thought but i did get to spend 4th of july up here in Virginia with him and i am now getting to stay here in virignia until he is done with ait!! He missed me alot. its crazy what 10 weeks apart will do for a relationship but it was a good thing for us!! Its crazy i have a couple of friends who just went through graduation yesterday and to hear about their experience was awesome to think how far me and brandon have come in this time! These last 10 weeks sucked but i wouldnt trade them for anything as i have said before. now we are on to the next chapeter of our army liife AIT oh my...he hasnt even started ebcuase there are so many people with his mos hopefully he will start on monday! The weather is here beautiful!! Well im off to relax somemore while i wait for my phone call from brandon! 
relazxing on family day

formation on to field

our 4th of july

he loves me...he was kissing me in the rain

can you see the fireworks

Army Strong Marriage