Sunday, April 24, 2011

7th day.....Easter

Hey hope everyone had a wonderful easter!!! So today didnt start off very good i was missing brandon a lot and was wondering if i was ever going to hear from him. I went to church this morning then got home and called my dear friend meg up and talked with her we had a long heartfelt talk about the life of being a military wife. Let me tell you she warned me before Brandon left that i wouldn't understand how any other military wife felt until i experienced the same event. Today was one of those days. Yes i have my family and his family here in town but after going to church and seeing everyone with their families i knew i wouldn't make it through the day emotionally so i chose to stay at home and talk with her and prayed and hoped i would hear from my love. Me and Meg talked for about an hour in a half and then we stopped. I was messing around on the PC and then my cell phone rang!!!!! It was my hubby!!! I was so darn happy words can not really express how happy i was it was such a calming moment to hear his voice...sad part was he said he probably wouldn't get to call me till like two days before graduation unless he earned a special privilege. :( kinda bummed but i still got to talk to my baby and it made my Easter so much better then it started. I still have like two months before i see Brandon but i can get through this because i have the help of God and he has blessed me with Megan and her husband who i can call or text anytime i have a rough day!!! Until next time....Later! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

4th Day!!!...Falling in love alll over agian

So its about 12:30 right now and i cant sleep. this sucks  a lot. Brandon barely made it to ft.Jackson today and we miss each other tons. last night was such a blessing tho for the two of us. his day might not of been so great but i got to talk to him for three hours last night the morning before he left and i so needed that phone call.It was a very heartfelt long conversation of how we both know we are strong enough to get through the next 5 months of our lives together even though we are apart. We decided that its going to be fun and exciting to write letters that are really love letters because it will be the i love you i miss you how are you doing type of letter, and to get to talk on the phone every now and then and sometimes even text....we get to as Brandon put it fall in love all over again!!! i absolutely love my husband!!!! He is so amazing i couldn't have asked for a better man in my life the Lord has truly blessed me. But I'm not gonna lie army life is hard two days apart and i was like oh gosh i just wish i could hold him and kiss him one more time !!! It is definitely a challenge but I'm putting my trust in God because there is nothing the Lord with give me that i cant tack with His guidance and help. well until next time!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ship Day !!!!!

PVT. Brandon Haws~ He earned a rank before he left!

About 10 minuets before we said see you soon!

The American Legion riders follow ever body who ships out from the office. The are mostly retired vetrens who would be in the army if they could instead this is their service to the Army! Very amazing they prayed before Brandon took off and followed him all the way to Shafter!! Thank You guys.

So Brandon left about 11 this afternoon and i did really good no crying then as he left Bakersfield he sent me a text saying how proud of me he was for having the strength to go through all of this and not give up and thats when i cried for about minuets. These next few days will be hard until my body and life and emotions gets into the way of a new routine but it will work and i will get past all of this. I plan on getting in shape by the time hes done with being able to run 2 miles and what not!!! Changing the way i eat and exercising and working will be my life for the next 10 weeks while hes at basic then i will see him for 3 days then I'm back to California and new goals will be set!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

1 Week!!!!

So everybody it is down to one week till my husband leaves for basic!!! This time next week he will be sitting at meps in his hotel room talking to me on his cell phone as much as he can before he falls asleep so he can get up at 4am to get on a plane and embark on his adventure for the next 10 weeks. We will be facing adventures separate and together during this time. then i will get to see him for about 3 days if I'm lucky more lol and then he will have 10 more weeks of job training. needless to say the next 5 months are gonna be an emotional roller coaster of new experiences and adventures. I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with such a great man in my life...We are two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. Please keep Brandon in your prayers that he will be safe in all he does and have the strength to get through everything and for me to stay strong while he's gone so i can take care of the things i need to take care of!! Until next Sunday!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

2 Weeks till Basic!!!

Hey ladies well i have exactly two weeks till Brandon leaves for basic and my emotions are running high. I'm scared, nervous,excited, happy,proud if it has a facial expression its going through my body!!! I can't cry in front of Brandon tho because he feels bad he is leaving me and I'm really struggling with this rite now, I want so much to be able to just be held by him and cry but I don't want him to feel bad either. I pray every night that God will give me the strength i need to carry on while he is away. I am so blessed to have many friends and family that are military wives!!! Thank you girls for being there for me and please keep me in your prayers to get through and Brandon the strength to get through basic and for his safety as well!!!!