Saturday, February 12, 2011

JUST A THOUGHT..On army life

As i approach the day of being a married woman I have come acrossed and intresting topic.In the past couple of days I have heard friends talk about people who are engaged to people in the military or just in a plain relationship with them and how well one feels like they are not there for the other. My opinion is I may not always enjoy having a husband in the army becuase of the time he will spend away from me but guess what I love him and because of that I will stand by him and support him in his career choice and many other decisions he makes for us and our future family. He's not the only one signing a contract with the army the minute I say "I Do" I'm signing one with him to be there for him and love him and support him whatever happens that means when army calls army calls and he has to report. A wise army wife and dear friend once told me it takes a special woman to be a good wife but it takes an even stronger woman to be an army wife. So women out there who are either dating or engaged or even married to a soldier whatever force he may be in stand by and support him and where the military wife name proudly!!!

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