Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Natural Disasters and ...God's timing!

Well its been quite a while since i updated you guys sorry been busy! We found out our duty station will be Ft. Benning, Georgia! As with everything there are postitive and negative...so here are the negativies it is a basic training unit for the infantry and is maily and infantry base that deploys alot, the weather in the summer is going to be like death for us california people, its near the coast so it gets lots of hurricanes and tropical storms!! Now the positives....out of 54 people in brandons ait company 34 are getting stationed in Korea..my hearts go out to these soldiers ladies for havving to be away from there men but fortunatley brandon was not one of these 34 sadly he is the only one going to ft.benning. Ft.benning is 6 hours from DISNEYWORLD!!!!!! and we are only 4-5 hours from one of our closest cousins on brandon's side and we are only a plane ride away from our home in california. Life these past couple of weeks tho here in virginia have been no easy task first an earthquake hit and while it didnt really bother me because im from california it was quite intertaining to see east coast people's reacton to it...then later that week hurricane irene hit and it scared me alot!!! The actual hurricane was not even that bad just lots of wind and rain the bad part was the aftermath lots and lots of people were without power for quite some time...me personally had no power for about a week wich also means no water becuase im in the country...lukily for me i had a friend an hour a way that i could go stay with until i could at least see brandon and stay in a hotel!! So it was one crazy week yet it took a big turn even more downward becasue when i got back to where i could have contact with people i found out that my amazing Great Grandma Guiterrez was in the ER back home for the 2nd time in two weeks and this time they were admitting her to the ICU becuase she lost consciousness and has not regained it..she had a stroke and has become progressivley worse and now we are just waiting for the Lord above to take her peacfully..this is a hard situation to imagine my great grandma not being there every christmas eve anymore...growing up she is one of the strongest fighters i know as far back as i can remember everytime something happened she always fought and came out fine but i think shes now at the point where she feels she can leave this world a happy woman...She rasied 7 amazing children (i think thats how many hopefully i didnt leave any out) who have grown up to be a leader in one way or another..the one closest to me happens to be my "papa" med who is also her oldest kid who also had the first grandkid...my mom... hurts me that i am not home for either one of them right now grandma has many grankids and great grandkids and its always puts a smile on my face to see how much she lights up when we all come around! The memories i have with her are ones i will cherish forever and keep in my heart...two that happend most recently was when she met brandon at christmas this past year and we told her we were getting married in february and he was going into the army..my grandma lit up so much hearing that it was almost like she remmembered back to when her own sons were in the military she looked proud! The second was the honor of having her prescencce at our wedding in february...most people never even get to meet there great grandparents and i am fortunate to have two still alive one of wich is grandma guiterrez i loved that she was there to see it! I pray and hope that a miracle happens with my great grandma but if its her time to be young again and running the streets of heaven then it time and we cant control it but know this she will be forever remembered and missed in our hearts!! This Christmas eve will defintley not be the same if shes not around! On a postitive note we will be returining to california on sept 22 for about two weeks and we cannot wait to see our family!!!
My wonderful great grandma on our wedding day!

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