Monday, March 26, 2012

6 month check in

Hey everyone i know its been a while since i wrote but so much has happened!! We settled into our apartemtn in the beginning of november and we love it here december came and went...we went home for block leave over christmas break and we loved getting to see family and spend time with everybody but january brought a new year full of chaos and strees and emotional highs some good some bad....when we got home we decided we wanted to get a puppy so we did and named him chance and him and zulu are the best of friends...In february we celebrated our first wedding anniversary together and it was amazing and with that brought the first bump in the road for the year the beginnning of march brandon left for ntc wich is predeployment training and has been gone all month..emotions have been running high for the two of us but thats just a short summary of whats happened..he will be home soon and we will start on our first summer in Georgia!!!!

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