Saturday, June 25, 2011

38 hours left....packing and Reflection!!!

Hey everybody so its finally time for me to pack my suitcase actually its basically packed but i still have my other carry on to finish! I figured id take a break and update you all as i sit here eating a Zero candy bar (my hubby's favorite) as i sit here and reflect on the past 10 weeks of my life! It has been one emotional roller coaster for sure. I knew it was going to be tough i handled it a lot better then i thought i was going to. It sucked being away from Brandon for this long but honestly i wouldn't trade these last 10 weeks of my life for weeks with him...why you might ask let me tell you... Our love is stronger than ever we both will tell you that the age old saying " Distance makes the heart grow fonder" is definitely true. I don't know necessarily if it grows fonder but it grows appreciation and realization. we both have said to one another that really being apart like this makes us really appreciate all that the other one did for the other when they didn't have to. We both realized how much we need each other in our lives because without each other our hearts hurt. we are missing the other puzzle piece that makes  our masterpiece marriage. We look back and valued the time spent with each other constantly as a blessing and will continue to value it a lot more in the years to come because as we all know living as a military relationship time is a valuable thing because you never know when your gonna hear the words...deployment! Those words still are terrifying to me but we got through basic and when the time comes we will get through deployment....i pray to God i never hear pr see those orders  in the next three years  next to my husbands name but it can happen and I'm just going to have to accept it and go about life because i signed on for this lifestyle, it has its own prides that come with it for one when people ask me what my husband does for a living i get to say he's an American soldier and he fights for our country!!! How awesome is that! But hey I'm not trying to be arrogant but any military wife will tell you its hard work being the wife of a military man weather he be in the Army, Navy, Air force, or Marines we all know its hard work but what helps us get through is our friends and family and other military spouses!! This has been a wonderful experience thus far and I'm excited to see where the next chapter of our Army Adventure will take us but you'll get to hear about it every step of the way...Till next time  HOOAH!!!

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