Sunday, June 19, 2011

8 days to go!!!!

Hey everybody sorry its been awhile since i blogged. Well i have about 8 days left till i actually see Brandon and about a week till i fly out I'm super excited. our love for each other has grown so much and i cant wait to tell him about everything he has missed and fill him in on it. Hopefully the powers that be will let him have all weekend off and ill get to spend the weekend with my wonderful husband in what i consider to be one of the most beautiful states ever...Virginia!!! I have missed my husband so much and it is definitely hard to appear happy to the world and happy to him when I'm not really because reality has set in that the next time i am away from him this long with out talking to him and having to write letters he will be deployed!!! I will make it through a deployment that i am sure of but i have so many fears and worries Brandon is my world my everything if anything ever happened to him i don't know what i would do. it makes me sad to know that he had pink eye at basic and that i wasn't there to tend to his every need like i would have had he been home. Being an army wife and a military spouse in general is definitely a lifestyle where you can't do anything but put your trust and hope in God to keep your soldier safe!! Everyday we get stronger and stronger but nothing compares to the feeling i will feel when I'm back in my soldiers arms hearing the words "i love you" instead of seeing them in a letter or hearing them over the telephone. I will be updating my blog while I'm on the trip so make sure to check in and ill post pictures.

                                                  shooting his M-16 "KAYT"

                                                 Gas chamber day

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