Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day....and A Phone Call!!!

So yesterday was memorial day and by far it is the best one i have had yet. Sunday was a downer of a day because once again Brandon didnt call and all of his comapny surely lot that they would get a call. We all pretty much gave up hope that we would get a phone call from our soldiers until a couple days before graduation! We were wrong the Lord does answer prayers and we all got a phone call yesterday! For 20 whole minuets i got to listen to my husbands voice and it is an experience  will never forget!  I was in the middle of the checkout line in michaels when i herd his ringtone going off wich was weird because he told me he didnt get service over there with his phone. i screamed so loud people thought i was crazy probably.lol. i was with my mother in law and i basically dropped evcrything i was purchasing on the counter handed her my bank card and ran outside after letting her say hi to him!  i was on cloud nine all day and stll am! He is doing so well and im so proud of him...i have 28 days and a wake up till im in his arms again and i cant wait the reunion will definitely be an emotional one weather it be tears of joy or smiles of happiness   will not know until the  moment arrives. Brandon is in one of the hardest companies at Ft. Jackson and is working so very hard im sure that phone call was a very rewarding one. He shot an expert for his rifle qualification...anialaed at combatives winning in 8 seconds!!! Thats my man!!!He will be probably moved up to the very top running group by the end of this week which closes out his last week of white phase then he starts blue phase which is the last and final phase!! I couldn't be more proud of my soldier. He has been called respectful by his drill sgts which is awesome!! Well thats all for this post ill up date you all soon!

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