Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally Got a wait two letters!!

Hey everybody i know its been a while since i last wrote I've been super bummed out because up until today i had not herd from Brandon in just shy of two weeks its been really rough but today i experienced something i will never forget!!! The feeling i felt when i had those two letters from my amazing and strong husband!!! The letters were very very heartfelt and made me fall all over again for my husband but at the same time he had doubts that i know that certain people are putting in his head so he can focus on what his job is...understandably. He's doubting things that in the past year I've known him he'd never even think about so needless to say it kinda broke me that they would tell him stuff but he knows better. Hes doing OK, he said he misses me a lot and can't wait till I'm in his arms again so he can kiss me!!! Awww....! In my past year of life with him i have never seen him write more than a paragraph and i got two letters that were both 2 pages full completely of words i was shocked but so so happy i got them i was on cloud nine today it was a wonderful present to receive on military spouse appreciation day!!! I hope i get to hear his voice soon because i really miss him but am so much better i got those letters now when i miss him and don't get a letter i can just re-read those!! I wrote him a 3 page letter in response to all he had to say in his two letters and reassure him how much i love him and ill be right here waiting for him when hes done with training!!! This is a really long post so ill end it until the next letter! Later.

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