Sunday, May 1, 2011

God answers prayers!!!

So today has probably been one of the most amazing days of my life!!! I got to experience first hand what the Bible says about God may not always answer prayers like we want Him to but how he Needs to, to help us overcome whatever is going on in our lives. I have not gotten a letter or a phone call from Brandon in a week and today tons of girls were getting phones calls from their soldiers so needless to say i was heartbroken. then i wen to Bible study and we talked about having faith in God to handle things because He is the one in Control!!! Boy did i need that lesson tonight. When i got home i had a friend request from girl who has a fiance in the same battalion as Brandon, and we hit it off right away!!! She was so sweet and even though we were both super bummed about our soldiers not calling or getting a letter yet we talked and cheered each other up. if we looked exactly alike you might confuse us we are so much a like and good news shes a christian too!!!! Such a blessing from God we have agreed to skype every night to keep each other going till we see our men!!! I'm so thankful for her!!!


  1. continue to encourage each other and always find comfort in Gods Word. LOVE YOU!!!

  2. aww thanks auntie v and i love you too