Sunday, May 22, 2011

WEEK 5...Half way done

Hey everybody sorry its been a while since i wrote my life has been full of emotions, worry, writing letters,scrap booking, babysitting and hanging out with my mother in law! But i now have time for an update. life has definitely been a little bit more challenging without my other half here. I write him a letter every night and mail it the next day so he doesn't go without mail he writes me when he can....we reassure each other in every letter we write that we love each other more than anything and that's not going to change no matter what anybody from the outside world says!! WE are a STRONG couple with GOD as our foundation. I have 38 days left till I'm in my mans arms safe and sound at least for a night :) I really cant imagine my life without him he truly makes me complete its crazy i never thought id find someone to spend forever with and love as much as i love Brandon he truly is my soul mate!!! I love you baby!!! <3Proud Army Wife <3

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