Sunday, April 10, 2011

1 Week!!!!

So everybody it is down to one week till my husband leaves for basic!!! This time next week he will be sitting at meps in his hotel room talking to me on his cell phone as much as he can before he falls asleep so he can get up at 4am to get on a plane and embark on his adventure for the next 10 weeks. We will be facing adventures separate and together during this time. then i will get to see him for about 3 days if I'm lucky more lol and then he will have 10 more weeks of job training. needless to say the next 5 months are gonna be an emotional roller coaster of new experiences and adventures. I am so thankful the Lord blessed me with such a great man in my life...We are two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. Please keep Brandon in your prayers that he will be safe in all he does and have the strength to get through everything and for me to stay strong while he's gone so i can take care of the things i need to take care of!! Until next Sunday!


  1. Our prayers are with you both. You know I have been through a lot with the Army and am here if you need me.

  2. Thank you girl you know i was told a while back wen you join the army your spouse and kids join to and you all be come a family with everyone else so i am double blessed to have a sister like you in my life i have a good strong christian woman who is there whenever i need her. so thank you megan and i look foward to meeting that hubby of yours