Sunday, April 24, 2011

7th day.....Easter

Hey hope everyone had a wonderful easter!!! So today didnt start off very good i was missing brandon a lot and was wondering if i was ever going to hear from him. I went to church this morning then got home and called my dear friend meg up and talked with her we had a long heartfelt talk about the life of being a military wife. Let me tell you she warned me before Brandon left that i wouldn't understand how any other military wife felt until i experienced the same event. Today was one of those days. Yes i have my family and his family here in town but after going to church and seeing everyone with their families i knew i wouldn't make it through the day emotionally so i chose to stay at home and talk with her and prayed and hoped i would hear from my love. Me and Meg talked for about an hour in a half and then we stopped. I was messing around on the PC and then my cell phone rang!!!!! It was my hubby!!! I was so darn happy words can not really express how happy i was it was such a calming moment to hear his voice...sad part was he said he probably wouldn't get to call me till like two days before graduation unless he earned a special privilege. :( kinda bummed but i still got to talk to my baby and it made my Easter so much better then it started. I still have like two months before i see Brandon but i can get through this because i have the help of God and he has blessed me with Megan and her husband who i can call or text anytime i have a rough day!!! Until next time....Later! :)

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