Thursday, April 21, 2011

4th Day!!!...Falling in love alll over agian

So its about 12:30 right now and i cant sleep. this sucks  a lot. Brandon barely made it to ft.Jackson today and we miss each other tons. last night was such a blessing tho for the two of us. his day might not of been so great but i got to talk to him for three hours last night the morning before he left and i so needed that phone call.It was a very heartfelt long conversation of how we both know we are strong enough to get through the next 5 months of our lives together even though we are apart. We decided that its going to be fun and exciting to write letters that are really love letters because it will be the i love you i miss you how are you doing type of letter, and to get to talk on the phone every now and then and sometimes even text....we get to as Brandon put it fall in love all over again!!! i absolutely love my husband!!!! He is so amazing i couldn't have asked for a better man in my life the Lord has truly blessed me. But I'm not gonna lie army life is hard two days apart and i was like oh gosh i just wish i could hold him and kiss him one more time !!! It is definitely a challenge but I'm putting my trust in God because there is nothing the Lord with give me that i cant tack with His guidance and help. well until next time!

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