Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ship Day !!!!!

PVT. Brandon Haws~ He earned a rank before he left!

About 10 minuets before we said see you soon!

The American Legion riders follow ever body who ships out from the office. The are mostly retired vetrens who would be in the army if they could instead this is their service to the Army! Very amazing they prayed before Brandon took off and followed him all the way to Shafter!! Thank You guys.

So Brandon left about 11 this afternoon and i did really good no crying then as he left Bakersfield he sent me a text saying how proud of me he was for having the strength to go through all of this and not give up and thats when i cried for about minuets. These next few days will be hard until my body and life and emotions gets into the way of a new routine but it will work and i will get past all of this. I plan on getting in shape by the time hes done with being able to run 2 miles and what not!!! Changing the way i eat and exercising and working will be my life for the next 10 weeks while hes at basic then i will see him for 3 days then I'm back to California and new goals will be set!!!

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